29 January 2018

Some X-Winging

David and I managed to save the weekend late Sunday afternoon by getting in some X-Wing. It's never a proper weekend without some sort of gaming going on. I used a list I came up with months ago - Rebels with a basic theme of "loads of hit points."

That's 27 hits across the three ships. Yeah, they're all 1 agility, but they can take a beating for sure and really kick out some damage.

David used a Scum list - two Krzkzx unpronouncables and a Y-Wing.

He contemplates without a tree of woe.

The minelaying Y-Wing succumbs to repeated barrages from the B-Wing.

And a short while later the ARC-170 bags ol' Talonbane.

Trouble comes in truckloads as David's remaining ship steers into two "friendly" mines and parks on an asteroid. Four self-inflicted damage.

The Rebels have a field day.

Because it was a short game, we reset and played again.

This game was closely fought and finished as a scoreless draw as we timed-out at 5:30. David was one poor-roll short of killing my ARC-170. He threw five attack dice and only managed a single hit. Two would have killed it. I also managed to miss a kill by a similar lousy attack roll.

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