19 February 2018

Gnomecon VII Plans


Another Gnomecon is a little over a week away and again I'm getting myself committed to running a few games. For starters, Gnomecon is Savannah's game convention. It's actually out in Pooler again this year - that's fine, the venue is pretty good. If you're within a couple hours of Savannah, I strongly recommend it - it's a fun con. It's board game and dress-up heavy, but old farts like me keep the miniatures out and on the tables.

Friday I'll be debuting my new roller derby-inspired board game Rink Racers. I've had a full demo unit produced - custom dice, mouse-pad material game board, etc. Hopefully that'll generate some buzz. I really need "stranger feedback" on it. I'm also planning to lug the Wings of Glory WW2 with me for Friday evening / Saturday morning. Maybe both.

Saturday at 1:00PM I'll start the Second Annual Rubber and Lead Gnomecon Grand Prix. It was a hit last year and I hope it does as well this go around. As in 2017, it'll be four heat races then a final race with the four heat winners. Prizes include ribbons, trophies, game accessories, gift cards, etc.

At 8:00PM Mikey and I will co-wrangle a Cadet game of Star Fleet Battles. Nothing too serious, just a free-for-all with randomly assigned ships. If experience tells me anything, it's that long days and late nights typically result in very memorable SFB. Here's hoping 2018 is no exception to that!

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