13 February 2018


Hi all. It's been a distracty time recently for me but I have made time for game-related things. Last weekend, I went down to Jacksonville Florida to RapierCon with David and Mark and we met with Mike and others. It was a long, fun day of gaming. I've got pics of the games I played and will post a trip report soon.

I also put some effort into getting a new game together. More details on that later. Because I'm having game components made, I want to take some precautions. It's a board game that David and I kicked around ideas on last year at Gnomecon and this year it'll make its debut.

Speaking of Gnomecon, I'll be running the Second Annual Rubber and Lead Tournament this year on Saturday afternoon. Trophies, prizes, ribbons, etc. have arrived or are in the mail. I'm pretty excited. There have been a few tweaks to the game since last year's tournament that I think make for a better game. Now if I could just find an cost-effective way to publish it!


  1. Well, I will take profit of you text-only, general subject post, to ask all the questions I got for you :
    -Do you plan to release/publish Rubber and Lead?
    -Do you plan an update for StarDust?
    -I've (re)read all you naval AAR, and I'm planning to get to WWII or Modern naval using Victory at Sea. What is the manufacturer of your ships and do you have an average size for them (I'm looking for a small scale)? And finally do you have general reviews or comment about VaS?
    Lots of questions, probably because I have a similar way to play like your.

    1. Yes, I have every intention of publishing R&L somehow. The race track is by far the biggest hurdle. It's big. Even quartered, the parts are still substantial, and consequently costly to make (and thus ship). Regular track dimension is important the game design.

      I haven't taken a run at StarDust recently. I have done significant work on StarDust Ground but have not put all the new additions into the rulebook. That update makes it an entirely new game. The dice mechanics are the same, but the game flow is quicker and more engaging.

      My naval collection is in two scales. The WWI ships are Figurehead 1/6000 scale and are VERY small. The Moderns are 1/3000 and are what I'd consider "Micro Armor for Ships." They're small but not microscopic. I love painting 1/3000 ships - they are that "perfect" scale.

      Victory at Sea is a good, very playable set of naval rules. They skip over a lot of detail and get to the action. VaS was very influential on StarDust and the combat systems are similar. I like VaS because it's clearly a game, not a naval simulation.