18 February 2018


I wrapped up a handful of models earlier today. Some have been in the queue a while and others not so long.

First up are four Batman Miniature Game figures from the Suicide Squad starter kit.

 Those are the Grin Twins, Panda Man and The Eyeball Man. They're thungs in Joker's gang.

Fun models, to be sure. Others are being worked on.

The next group are part of Project R. They're roller derby girls from Impact Miniatures. I bought the "Trollcast" Resin models as opposed to much more expensive metals. The resin is hard and likely brittle - cleaning up ugly moldings gave me heart palpitations as I tried not to snap off limbs. I managed to not injure any skaters. The bases are small slotta-bases, 3/4 inch diameter, and I glued pennies underneath to make the finished models bottom-heavy. For information on Project R will be forthcoming, although one could say the cat's out of the bag after this post!

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