06 January 2019

Very Brief AARs - Blood and Plunder

The first of my 2019 gaming got underway last evening with some Blood and Plunder. I had put two 100-point groups together as a training game. There may also be a B&P tournament in my future so I thought it prudent to test out the viability of the Indians.Pictures were few and far between as this was very much a learning session.

The first battle we played was "Raid." I was the attacker and had to get troops next to one of the two objectives in an expedient fashion while running off the defenders.

Our deployments. The French control the far left quarter of the battlefield and were protecting two boxes of loot.

My warriors got to embarrass themselves in close combat with some French sailors.

My chief's unit (lower left) pelted the Boucaniers (green circle) relentlessly reducing them till they were combat ineffective. Zig redeployed his Filbustiers to support them and when he did, I moved a unit of warriors up to threaten the rear objective.

A turn later, that group of warriors was on top of the back objective and all the French could do was watch. Game 1 - a handy win for the tribe!

After dinner, we played a second game, this time "Control the Field." There were three objectives and to score, you had to control two at the the end of a turn.

The coca plantation was a killing field. My arrows were terrifically lethal and Z's big unit was decimated in short order. From that point, it was essentially a game of hang-out and wait.I won the second game handily, causing over 50% casualties while only losing two my own.

I know dice rolls are what they are but I was damn impressed by the performance of my Native American rabble. They were fun to use and quite effective considering their primitive equipment. I'll almost certainly use the same group at Rapier. My mind can't handle lots of special rules and having three identical squads makes it easy on me.

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