29 July 2012

Flames of War

So I got that game in with Alex today. Turns out he's a real good guy, just out of Basic Training so that was a fortunate meeting. We played a 1500 point Mid War matchup, both of us taking lists from Eastern Front. He used a Panzerkompanie with 3 PzIVG, 3 PzIIIJ (early), Panzergrenadiers and a recon platoon on motorcycles. I used Guards Motostrelkovy, the list follows:
Eastern Front Motostrelkovy Battalion
HQ (2 rifle teams + commissar)
Motostrelkovy Company (1 platoon)
Motostrelkovy Company (1 platoon)
Medium Tank Company (5 T-34 obr 1942)
Light Tank Company (5 M3 Stuart)
Heavy Mortar Company (6 120mm Mortars + observer)
Light Armored Cars (3 BA-64)
Limited I-153 Air Support
1500 points on the nose

We played a Dust-Up and I ended up with the first turn.

The two infantry platoons set up camp around the objectives.

The Stuarts zip off to the far side of the battlefield to get a bead on the objectives and force the Germans to lose focus.

You can see that the German commander set up to defend against the Stuarts. Also note that my I-153s took out one Mark IV and bailed another!

The planes come back for a run against the infantry knocking out a team.

And the Stuarts surround the German company commander. The Stuarts failed to find their mark.

And were quickly punished for their bold maneuvering. The platoon's morale held and they stayed in the battle.

On turn five, I got two reserve units - bye-bye company commander!

The BA-64s arrive - time to make my move. There's no point in waiting for the German reinforcements to arrive.

The assault goes well by the T-34s, I did end up with a bogged tank but the Germans failed their tank terror test and ran off, leaving me with the objective. 

Alex's very well-done recon bike ride in towards my infantry.

My heavy mortars get a great barrage on a Panzer IV contesting the objective and brew it up! 

It was getting dicey now. He uprooted one of the infantry teams to move it withing 4" of the objective. Blast! I was going to win it!

The two remaining T-34s throw caution to the wind and attempt to run off the pesky infantry. One tank bogs down in the cabbage patch and the other fails to hit (I forgot Wide Tracks - just remembered as I was typing). The Germans get loads of hits and double-bail the bogged tank. It fails its motivation test and is captured. The other tank fails to counterattack and subsequently fails a platoon morale roll and flees.

I conceded with that, having lost both tank platoons, I would have a hell of a time dealing with his remaining Panzers and forget trying to capture an objective! I had a great time with a very fun opponent. I'm looking forward to our next match. 

Until next time...

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