05 July 2012

July 4

Re-organized my crap collection much to my wife's delight... I really should have taken before and after pictures.

I did manage to convince Zig to come by for a test game of Task Force Zeta. We played the basic 1 v 1 mission out of the basic rules just to get a feel for it. He used the Ramsey, I the Ochakov. Short story shorter, I got pummeled. The game plays well but my initial thoughts are that weapon range is way over-priced compared to ship speed. What's the point of having a much better range than your foe if even a very run-of-the-mill ship can close the gap without blinking? This rule interaction will certainly affect the way I construct ships once we get into that. Anyway, here are some pictures...

Apparently my phone / camera didn't feel like focusing on some of the pics I took. Fun game... looking forward to some retribution...

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