03 July 2012


Part of this post is selfishness. http://wargaminggirl.blogspot.com is giving away some minis in a drawing to mark her 6-month mark active in the blogosphere. People who mention her on their blog get an extra tickie in the drawing. Here's lookin' at you Tamsin!

I was thinking about my all-time favorite game today, Blood Bowl. Now, I have retired from BB and will never play again. I sold all my stuff and have no desire to revisit the pitch but it is easily one of the best board games ever devised. I played from the Fall of 1995 up until a couple years ago, and won the Fall 1997 Comic Box Blood Bowl Championship with the Horus' Heresies Chaos team. I also played in one other title match against Chris Hodgkins and lost to him - I used Chaos Dwarves (The Miskatonic University Fightin' Cephalopods) that season. One of my favorite Blood Bowl pastimes was coming up with player and team names. Here's a list of some of my favorite player names from over the years:


Dr. Everything'llbealright
Mack The Knife
The Gooch
Tito Punkarelli
El Nacho Man

Mandible Jack
Willy the Whip
Winged Evil
The Black Gorilla
Captain Danger
Dust Mite Assassin
Koko The Terrible
Mr. Creosote
Angus VonCucamunga
Wonko the Sane
Jack Burton
Big Dick McGee
Great Garbanzo

Mr. Roboto
El Porko
Tangerine Speedo
Necro Dude
Steele Growle
Kid Block
Buckaroo Banzai

Three Dollar Bill
Cap'n Wacky
Sly Fox
Lunchbox Jones
Black Vulcan
Mean Joe Idaho

Fuente Fuente
Rocket Surgeon
Tony Suzuki
Guy Karate
Jay Ram
Catcherbot 2000
Arturo Fuente
Gamma Bomb

Some are better than others, and some of the best aren't even there because they died messy deaths. Back in the late 90's I used to write the league newsletter, The Blitzer. That was a blast, if for no other reason than many of the players believed that if I spoke highly of a team, it would curse them - the "Blitzer Curse!" Playing Blood Bowl up at Comic Box (Savannah, Georgia... sadly closed up now) on Saturday afternoons (and some Sundays!) was some of the most fun ever had gaming. Ever. By anyone. Anywhere. Manuel Moriera. Ziggy. Matt Billman. Sammy Cook. The Anderson Twins. Spackle. Skittles. Eric Tucker. VanDiver! Matt Saint. Randy Thompson. Submariner. Peabody. Josh Schultz. JAMEY LUIKART! LTC Ken Luikart, USAF. Tom and Thomas. Which is which? Heidi. Chris Hodgkins. Bruce and Troy Hyde. Dumb kid luck. Whoever that jerk was with the Knightmare of Khorne. And last and best of all, Richard Hyde. The Commish. Anyone I missed, and that's a lot of guys and a few gals.... Praag Tigers anyone?.. sorry, I may not remember your name right now but I remember you. Maybe I'll post and old Blitzer on the blog one of these days..


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