13 August 2013

Danger Zone!

My Tumbling Dice order arrived yesterday and I wasted no time getting the planes and helos cleaned, primed and on the painting table. As I was working on the Tomcats, I decided that I'd do the tail markings, since they are such a hallmark of American Naval aviation. At that point, I decided I should re-visit my FA-18s and A-6es which have a simply "serviceable" paint job. Sticking with the 1986 Mediterranean theme that I began with, I looked at the USS America and USS Coral Sea as the carriers and went with VF-33 "Starfighters" for the F-14s, VFA-131 "Wildcats" for the FA-18s and VA-34 "Blue Blasters" for the A-6es.

Here's how they turned out:

That's a negative, ghost rider, the pattern is full.

 Flight of the Intruders. I also added the cream noses and white underbellies during this re-do.

No good Hornet pop-culture references. They are bad as all hell though. Maybe if they re-make Top Gun, the Hornet will get some love.

The French air group - Crusaders and Super Etendards - will be done soon. I'll certainly post pics!

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