10 August 2013

Pardon Me Boy...

I've been on vacation all week and man has it been nice. We went up to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a couple days, then back down to Atlanta for a day. We did visit Point Park atop Lookout Mountain - the site of part of a Civil War battle. The area is gorgeous and we had very nice weather. Here are a few pics from a rather commanding artillery position.
Overlooking the city

 Two 20-Pounders on this spot

Don't be fooled! These 20-Pounders weigh nearly a ton!

Best if used by...

 Another pair of guns. 12-Pounders this time.

These guns have a gorgeous patina.

All of you serious modelers / detail freaks out there, here's a little something you can try adding to your guns next time.

That white sign down there says something like "watch your step."

I'm guessing these trees weren't always here.

 Wife and #2. See that awesome rock behind them?

Me on that rock. Nice view from there. My wife didn't think I was being very responsible and practically had a heart attack while I was climbing up it.

So, we had a good trip. I haven't done a whole lot of gaming or painting . I did pick up some small trees suitable for 6mm scale at Hobbytown USA in Kennesaw and based them up. I've also done a bit of work on some alien egg / spawn areas for Swatters. The eggs are made of large barnacles my son rounded up for me. They are absolutely perfect looking for this sort of thing.
Still a bit to go, but you get the idea.

I'm supposed to play Shipwreck with James on Sunday. I haven't played in a while, it'll be a welcome game. I also ordered some Microarmor (It really should be Microfatigues) for MSH. Some USMC infantry and Humvees as well as the obligatory Harrier. Y'all be well and I'll be sure to post an AAR for Shipwreck.

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