03 August 2013

Sacre Bleu!

The first wave of aircraft for the Marine Nationale is in the books. I made the decision to change the way my tiny aircraft is based. Previously I had put them all on 3/4" wooden discs, mounted to nails. The primary problem with this is the bases ended up being a little pricey. The other problem is that I'm running out of space in my aircraft storage box. My solution? Mount helicopters the same way I've done missiles in the past - on pennies and thumbtacks. I like the results. Here are some pics. The Alizes are mounted the "old way" and I'll continue to do the planes like that.

They are, of course, sans rotors. I left them off for now. I remounted my Ka-25s on pennies as well...

Like I said, I like how it looks and I get to recover a lot of flying stands for airplanes!

My ten-year-old is working on a little something...
Mmmm. Hot Airfix action.

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