04 August 2013

Sunday's Games

Mike Baker organized a Dystopian Wars hootenany at Morningstar Games Sunday afternoon. Junior and I both went up and hit the game tables along with 6 other DW players and maybe about 30 other gamers. The place was jam-packed with 40k, Warmachine, HeroClix and DW!

Today's battles were set for 300-point groups, nothing larger than Medium-sized. Since Junior hadn't played in a while, we played together first. He took 2 Gunships, 2 Destroyers and 2 Frigates. I used 2 Gunships, 2 Destroyers and 3 Frigates. Junior uses Prussians, I play with EoBS.

We played on half-sized battle-fields, 4 feet across and 3 feet wide. Our area had some reefs and fog banks.

One of my Gunships starts getting beat on.

And before long has become an artificial reef. I put some damage on his Gunships and killed one Destroyer.

The Prussian Gunships are in HOT PURSUIT! Ski-2 was eager to use his Tesla Generators to cause critical hit effects to my ships. It's got a very short range but his ships have the speed to make them work.

A crap Destroyer finishes off my last big ship at point-blank range. His Gunships captured one of my Destroyers and killed a Frigate. We called it there -my force was spent.

Next Game...
I paired off against a fellow I've never played against before and I didn't get his name. :)  We changed our forces since Mike had broken the glass on fliers in his first game. I took 2 Cruisers and 3 Bombers. My FSA opponent took 2 Gunships and 2 John Henry 'Bots.

After my very first move... I moved the Cruisers out to get a long-range rocket shot at the Bots.

And am rewarded by a spectacular hit destroying "Iron Man" right off the bat. Unfortunately, that was the high-point of the game for me.

His Gunships' rockets rained down on my Cruisers doing two damage to each. Eesh. My Bombers' salvo of rockets was shot to shreds by very good AA fire from the American ships.

The Bombers and Robot continued to tangle in the center. My Bombers' Assault Marines boarded the 'Bot and wiped out the defenders but were wiped out in return. The Americans kept control of the Robot. Feh. A second boarding attempt was turned away by AA fire. Double-Feh.

As his ships closed, he managed to finish off both of my Cruisers and one of my Bombers. I couldn't make anything happen aside from getting in a bomb-run on a Gunship causing a meaningless critical hit. Game over man, GAME OVER!

Junior Used 2 Scout Zeppelins and 3 Bombers in his match against John who fielded 2 John Henry's and 3 Cruisers. Their game went similarly to mine - Christian got some very good hits early and killed a 'Bot and crippled another but ended up losing both blimps and a bomber.

It was a really good DW day at the shop - lots of players and a good mix of fleets - Japanese, Prussians, Brits, French, Americans and Russians.

In other gaming news, I re-painted my Shipwreck Hueys and finally finished up the other eight Ka-25s that have been in their retail packaging for months. I did the Hueys up in Italian Navy colors, as AB212s. The orange tails and "chins"are quite striking. I dig 'em.

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