10 January 2014

Second Tour of Duty

I've been digging through my disused miniatures collection looking for bits that can be re-used for AK47 Republic. AK47 is pretty loose and fast with materiel so I started dredging through the infamous US Paratroop heap and unused vehicle bits and put together four HMGs, four mortars and two ATGs which will  be used as Recoilless Rifles. I couldn't locate the proper wheels for one of the guns, so it got the Frankenstein treatment. I'm happy with the dig - that's 10 stands of support weapons that were paid for four or five years ago!

Thank you, two-wheeled one-horse cart for your donation! 

Gotta find some crews for these mortars and maybe some MG assistants. I have some that I just need to dig out of storage.

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