12 January 2014

Partly Off-Topic

Hi again. My second block of 30 African soldiers is done, I'll begin basing them today or tomorrow.

And eleven more in the queue - these are loaders and radiomen. They'll "fill out" the mortar and gun bases.

Yesterday was my youngest's birthday and he wanted to go to the Jacksonville Zoo. We had a great time, especially since the weather held out right until we were leaving. A few pics.
The Komodo Dragon looking for a snack.

The birthday boy and I feed a Lorikeet.

Selfie with Lorikeet

Junior in pirate mode.

A puddle full of Flamingos

Some Warthogs. The one scratching on the tree looks very relaxed.

This Leopard wouldn't slow down, he just kept pacing back and forth.

Making Dad proud.

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