29 January 2014

Russians, Romans and Rats!

I've been churning through the lead pile at a good clip lately and have a few more things finished up and ready for show.

First off, the other half of the Russian Black Sea Fleet:
Twelve destroyers and what would have been seven seaplane carriers. I marked five of the carriers as generic transports which will be more useful for gaming.

Next up are some 15mm Roman Auxilia from Rebel Minis. They were a gift from my sister for Christmas and a fine start to a HOTT army. Ancients are not something I normally paint so I pretty much "winged" the colors after a cursory Google Image search. The flash on the camera really made the brown wash on the shields stand out a lot more than it does to the nekkid eye.

Lastly are some of the oldest models I had in the pile - some Reaper Bones Rats. I bought them about a year and a half ago, intending them for my wife's HOTT army of Halloween creepies. They (six of them anyway) finally got their final coat of paint and varnish.

We're having a "snow" day in Savannah today. In reality it is more of a cold, rainy day. The charlatan weather guessers predicted Snowmageddon and schools and many offices, including mine, shut down for the day because of the potentially dangerous driving conditions. I'm going to try to get in some sort of gaming to take advantage of the surprise day off.

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