12 January 2014

Sunday afternoon Dystopian Wars

Ziggy and I met for another round of DW today. We got some new land units done up and wanted to give them some table time. No full AAR this time around. I just feel like putting that much effort in today. Here are some pics

Our setups. Ziggy went heavy on his flank. I was a bit more spread out.

Stampy covers the valley. His early shots were effective.

A view from the ground as Zig checks some numbers on the iPad.

In the upper left, my fighters have at some British dive bombers. The valley really gets nasty as my small tanks dive in and kill a Foxhound - they would, themselves, be wiped out in short order.

My bomber that didn't pass its "swift ascent" roll gets lit up by the Mark 2s.

One bomber survives long enough to bomb a Mark 2 and capture the last Terrier of the pack.

Quiz time! The Brunel Mobile Airfield did which of the following?
A) Captured the Terrier back
B) AAed the bomber
C) Blasted the hell out of my walker with all its guns
D) All of the above.

Answer at the end of the post!

The little nippers close in!

And he's outta there!

I took a lot of casualties. This is my dead pile.

It was a fun quick game. I like the new walker, but it starts strong and gets weak as the enemy nears, unlike the old walker which heats up as the game goes on. It is more of a supporting unit than a centerpiece. If I were concerned about putting together a winning force, I would only take it if I had another large unit in the army. As it was, Ziggy did a random draw on my three large land units and I used the one that got picked. Zig likes the Brunel and the units he's painted up look great. Next time I think he's going to roll out the Lysanders - whee!

The correct answer was (D) - All of the above.

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