26 May 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Tradition

Yesterday afternoon my kids and I set up Formula De in the living room while the Indy 500 race was in progress on TV. My little guy doesn't get much opportunity to game with me and Junior - many of the games we play are just a bit too involved for a six-year old. Formula De was right up his alley with its rather simple mechanics.

 Action shot of two races at a time!

 The six-year-old (Cameron)

 The eleven-year-old (Christian Jr.)

We three

We raced the Indy 500 track, which I don't think I'd ever used before. I'd always written it off as a boring oval. It isn't a "boring" oval - it is much more challenging than it appears. Cameron schooled his brother and myself and won the race handily. I was a solid lock on second place until the last two rolls by Junior when he snuck ahead of me. Bah! So much for old age and treachery!

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