09 May 2014

Oooh! A lead pile in progress!

Some goodies showed up today in the mail - I'll finally get around to putting the wraps on my Roman HOTT army. I finished up a herd of Auxilia spearmen a few months ago and haven't done anything else with them, so I finally got around to picking up some Legionnaires with swords and some cavalry. It isn't going to be a terribly diverse army, but it lends itself well to expansion via a scorpion, archers or a god. I'm still looking for a good 25mm mini which would make a good Mars. One of these days...

I also picked up some d5 dice (d10's numbered 1-5, 1-5). They aren't easy to find. Koplow used to make them but don't any more. I bought scalecreep.com's entire stock.

Have a good weekend. I've got a Modern Spearhead scenario ready for tomorrow - first outing for the US Marine Corps. We'll be trialing some fog of war elements. Should be interesting - not the typical clash of two giant hordes of AFVs.

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