01 May 2014

Some Finished Minis!

The Critical Mass Protolene are complete. Well, for now anyway. They are certainly complete enough to start getting a work out in Strike Legion: Platoon Leader. Four squads, some special teams and three heavy tanks should be plenty for the time being.

I'm happy with the end result. They painted up quickly and look nice. The basing took as long as the painting, with my complicated basing method but I love the way it turns out with the models at different heights on "broken" ground.

And there is their armored support. The tanks are also from Critical Mass - from their "Mercenaries" line. Shipping was free for orders 50 GBP or more. What's a gamer to do? They are the "Havoc" tanks. I liked them a lot more than the canine-looking Protolene walkers. I added some stowage and spare tracks to them to give them a more "used" look. I need to hit the turrets with another blast of Dullcote by the looks of the photos. The tanks are rather large - about the size of a Panther or Tiger II. They'll be slow-well armored beasts when they hit the table.

Next up is completing the Red Guard for SL:PL. I've got the mounted on nails and base coasted green. They'll probably get done next week, although the thought of basing them all is daunting. It's another 8 stands.

Y'all have a good weekend! I'll be playing Pathfinder Adventure and /or X-Wing Saturday night and may get something in on Sunday.

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