04 May 2014

Recycling Project

I've had an itch (not that kind of itch!) to play a fantasy mass-battle game lately. Something along the lines of Warmaster. To complicate things, I don't have any minis, nor a worthwhile set of rules. While HOTT is fine, it isn't at all what I'm looking for. I want dragons that breathe fire, wizards who cast mighty spells and unique humanoid races like elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. You know, Warhammer but not Warhammer.

I picked up Mayhem a couple weeks ago and have read through it. Seems worth a toot. Certainly worth the price of admission. It covers the bases for what I'm looking for.

Next problem - miniatures.

I gave a long serious look at 6mm fantasy minis. Even though they aren't terribly expensive, they aren't free - especially to test out a game. Then I thought back to my old Modern Spearhead playtest from a couple years ago. I used home-made bases cut from balsa and glued on Axis and Allies and Monsters Menace America tanks and infantry. The MSH proxies have long since been retired but I still had the bases. I rooted through my boardgame collection and found some willing victims for poaching - Risk: LOTR and Civilization The Boardgame. Both games are loaded to the gills with suitable game pieces. The scales are a bit off - the Civ pieces are about 20mm scale while the Risk bits are about 15mm. I was able to throw together two forces rather easily - humans from Civ and Goblins (since they are diminutive) from Risk. I'll leave them unpainted for now until I decide whether or not I like the game. I also now have a couple armies to try out Kings of War as well!

Here are the armies as they stand right now:

There you have it - two fantasy armies (minus generals) ready for a tabletop trial what amounts to free. They were paid off 10 years ago!

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