06 September 2014

Recently Painted - 6mm Ottomans

The Ottomans I picked up as a second army for Maurice got pushed to the back burner for a little while but they've gotten some more attention during the week and I finished up the first 16 bases of infantry. It should be noted that there was no attempt at historical accuracy with the uniforms, since they'll be an Imagi-Nation anyway. I was torn between putting one or two strips of minis on each base and settled on one-per, primarily so I'd have a bigger army when I'm done.

The Miniatures are 6mm Janissaries from Irregular and are mounted on 1.25" square bases. I've got loads more cavalry and infantry in the queue and hope to have some of the cavalry (8 stands) finished this weekend.

I also put some hedges and walls together since my 6mm scenery selection is mostly woods and buildings for Modern Spearhead.

 No comments about them looking like garden gnomes with their red hats! I am keenly aware that indeed they DO like a horde of angry gnomes.

 I snipped these strips apart and arranged them more like skirmishers.

Kitty litter walls. They turned out OK. They are very light and won't stand up to any amount of abuse but they were easy to make and get the job done.

Green dish-scrubber hedges. These came out better than I expected. I made seven hedge pieces and three walls.

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