02 September 2014

Time Travellin'

Yesterday (Monday) was Labor Day and a day off work for many folks. I dragged the family off to Fort Jackson in Savannah since it has been ages (30 years?) since I'd been and the kids had never been. The fort is rather old - it dates back to the War of 1812 and is very different from Fort Pulaski which is much closer to the mouth of the Savannah River. Fort Jackson has a commanding position overlooking the entrance to Savannah by water. Enough history, on with the pics!

The wide open area was a rice field a long time ago.

My oldest son looking terribly excited about the pack gun he was next to. In his defense, it was approximately 1000 degrees and extremely humid.

A cargo ship was passing as we got up to the ramparts. This gun was lined up for an easy shot.

Apparently both this cannon and the hoist were props in the movie Glory.

One of the magazines.

Anyone for "Essence of Peaches?"

A nice collection of muskets.

The moat. The moat's water is drawn from the river and also serves as the sewage system.

This fine gentleman, dressed in Georgia Republican Blues attire, fired the musket and cannon for us. He was chock full of good info.

We enjoyed our outing and recommend it if you're ever in the neighborhood.

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