01 September 2014

Use the Force!

David and I dragged our kids out of the house yesterday for a bit of X-Wing. The big, silly expensive ships don't get much table time with us so we decided on a WAY TOO BIG 120 points per-player 4-person game to allow for a real "anything goes" type game. We'd have needed another 2 hours to play it to completion but the first half that we did play through was good fun.

As usual, the kids took the Imperials so Dave and I put together Rebel groups. I used a Y-Wing, an E-Wing and Chewie driving the Falcon. Dave took two cheap A-Wings and two souped-up B-Wings.

Christian II took an Interceptor, a Defender and the Shuttle, whilst Anson took two cheesed-out Phantoms and a Defender. Kids. Always enamored by the new shinies.

Early goings... we played on a 6 x 3 mat but only used about 3 x 3 of it. The kids surprisingly set up as a refused flank - they aren't what you'd call tactically sound normally, but I thought it was a pretty good setup.

Junior's Defender ends up in a bad spot in front of half the Rebel squadron and becomes the first casualty.

The kids were rather enjoying themselves.

Junior's Interceptor drew quite a bit of attention. It would survive the match. We called time around 3:50 or so in the afternoon since I had dinner plans and needed to get going.

Dave lost a B-Wing and an A-Wing, summing 61 points including upgrades, while we'd managed to off the Defender and the Shuttle who were worth 61 points before upgrades. Minor Rebel victory! My favorite moment of the game was when my Y-Wing ended up in front of the firing squad of Anson's Phantoms and Defender and managed to survive the barrage with one hull point left. Anson was not happy at all. The Y-Wing went on to sow agony with its Ion Turret on a stressed and cloaked Phantom.

I'm happy with our new ships - I like the E-Wing a lot and Christian really likes the new shinies - the Defender and Phantom are both very good (dare I say power-creep?) and the Shuttle is just plain fun.

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