06 October 2014

And now for my next trick!

Well I set some sort of speed painting record for myself Saturday and Sunday. Numbers-wise, it may not be all that impressive, but in the context of "me" it is nuts. Fifteen legionaries with gladii, eleven horses and ten riders. ELEVEN HORSES?!?! What madness is this? I decided I didn't terribly much need a musician and left him out. They're all based for HOTT and I hope to give them a whirl this weekend. I still want to add a god and at least one artillery (a scorpion or onager) but they'll wait.

Five stands of blades.

Five stands of cavalry! I'll probably field them as riders although I may try them as knights too. The general will probably be classed as a Hero to give the army a bit of punch. I need to put something on the standard, but still need to make up my mind.

And last but not least, a stronghold...

A bit of "Life of Brian" for ya.

The whole army so far...

It feels good to have made a dent in the lead pile. On to the next group!

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