04 October 2014

Sick Saturday

My whole family was feeling under the weather this afternoon / evening so I didn't get in my planned game with Zig. I did, however, get to work on my lead pile and made some good progress on the 15mm Romans I bought for HOTT. They've been floundering primed and "sort-of" painted for months. I guess a relaxing evening of Ghost Adventures and nursing a cold is just what they needed!

 Five bases of cavalry! Impressive for me since I despise painting horses.

Some Legionaries. They'll make up 5 bases when done. The red bits are indeed pinkish right now, they'll be proper Roman Red before its over.

The cavalry riders. They're glued to drinking straws which turned out to be perfect horse proxies for the painting process.

I may actually get these guys done in the upcoming week - it's taken long enough. Looking back, it appears I got them back on May 9th. That's 148 days, give or take. James is going to see about getting some time to play next Sunday - he's got an army for HOTT but hasn't yet played. He's kept the army secret, so I hope we do get to play.

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