23 October 2014

Painting Queue

I worked a few SFB ships through the lead pile this week. It's a handful of "bad guy" cruisers. I've enjoyed doing one-off peculiar paint schemes on them. Most SFB models end up being painted as they appear in the book. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but they all end up looking the same. I had a good time with these...

 A Lyran CA, Klingon D7 and Andromedan Conquistador

 The Lyran. Most often this ends up with tiger stripes since it's a "Tiger-Class Heavy Cruiser."

The Snake. I have always liked the black and bright green scheme. Felt like a natural for the Andros.

The D7. A classic ship design. I stayed with the dark green that is typical for Klingons but added a very tribal white pattern to give it some "teeth."

I've still got some ships in the works... some Romulans here:
I'm very happy with how these are going.

I also have yet another Orion CR:
It'll probably end up blue and silver or something equally garish. It'll be from a different cartel than my other Orions. No point being subtle - it's space. Camo isn't necessary.

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