10 October 2014

New Toys!

I got some 1/72 Soviets in yesterday - reinforcements for Chain of Command.

So, that's another platoon of Ruskies, a ZIS-2 and some DShK AA MGs. I started assembling some of the infantry and the ZIS-2. The ATG is nice - its a standard model kit, so it does have some fiddly bits, but has been a straightforward assembly thusfar. No crew models, but I can pinch crew from another gun for a game. No complaints and I'd buy it again.

The Zvezda infantry is nice, except that every figure requires assembly and the assembly has been taxing thusfar. There are enough models for a full platoon and the poses are cool and varied. Not entirely my cuppa when it comes to 1/72 toy soldiers, but I'll finish up at least one squad, maybe two. Unfortunately, there are a lot of SMG troops mixed in which I don't really need. I guess I could work on a Tank Rider platoon - I think I've got enough models. I doubt I'll but more Zvezda infantry, simply because I don't want to have to put them together. I'll probably get Revell or something else next time.

The DShKs are going to be a bear. It comes with 3 guns and 15 crew. The kit is soft plastic and trying to put a tripod together yesterday, I felt like Sisyphus. I'm going to replace the legs with cut-up paperclips and try again. The crew models are good single-piece toy soldiers like we're used to. I'd buy this set again, if only because DShK models don't exactly grow on trees.

I've going to play HOTT with James Sunday and might do some other gaming tonight or Saturday. I'll certainly post if I do play!

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