02 November 2014

Back to the Front!

I worked through a good-sized mass of plastic warriors yesterday. These are 1/72 minis that were begun a couple months ago and sat, annoying my wife, until they were good and ready to be finished.

For the record, we've got two Soviet rifle squads, a DShK section, a custom-built AT rifle and nine submachinegunners. I still need a few more SMG guys to finish up a full tank-rider platoon for Chain of Command.

Also, you'll see some Germans. I finished up the third 251 from the PSC box I got back around July 4th. I did up a flamethrower section and a couple extra SMG guys since they're in demand in the Kursk scenario book I picked up.

 The whole shootin' match.

 The home-made tripod legs worked out very nicely.

 Anti-Tank rifles are BIG!

 The good ol' flammenwerfer.

No stowage or other shmanciness on the halftrack - I went for simplicity. Plus, I broke one of the machineguns and was in no mood for more fiddling around.

I didn't get any gaming in this weekend - we had a lot going on family-wise. Maybe next weekend...

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