28 November 2014

Job's Done

I spent a couple of hours of quality time with the brushes yesterday, pre- and post- feast. My commission project for Jeff, the owner of Morningstar Games is complete! As hesitant as I was to take it on, I must say I'm very pleased with the results and sad that I have to give them back.

In of of their glory: the Dystopian Wars FSA Aerial Battle Group.

The Lee airships and Avion light bombers. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably paint the gondolas of the airships that same green that's on the bombers. No matter, they look fine.

A flock of tiny flier tokens and the Savannah Sky Fortress. The tiny fliers in the lower left are French - leftovers from earlier in the week. 

The upper deck.

Lower deck from the front.

As they should be...

Rear quarter view.

If they were mine, I'd superglue them to their bases, but I'll leave that decision up to Jeff. Even though I'm sad to see the big ol' beast go, I've actually got three more carriers incoming for myself so I won't be sad for long.

Be well and I hope you had a good Turkey Day!


  1. Amazing stuff, sir. Well done. Are the stars on the planes in the first photo decals, or did you paint them?
    I like how you've done some shading and highlighting, particularly the lighter struts and braces along the blue gasbags, or the decking of the landing areas, but it's not obtrusive and the net result is very clean. Bravo.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments. The shading and highlighting on the blue bags was serendipitous. My side-brushing while painting the rigging was a bit messy and while covering up the mess, my blue mix ended up two shades lighter than before. Turned out better than my original plan.