18 November 2014

In Progress

I took on a commission Sunday while I was at Morningstar. Jeff, the store owner asked me to paint up a box of FSA fliers for Dystopian Wars for him. I said "sure," then he said "can I have them in a week or so?" My face contorted and I squirmed a bit - I'm normally a very slow painter. I took it on anyway since it was a chance to paint some stuff without paying for them. I made a decent dent in the box last evening to my surprise. Here's the progress so far.

As usual, the Spartan models are excellent. There seemed to be a lot of release agent on the resin and the carrier still seemed a bit slick when I primed it but the primer stuck properly and I don't think it'll be a problem. Who knows, I may actually get some of this done on time!


  1. Is that a Klingon Battlecruiser in the background of the second picture? ;--)

    1. Yeah, it's my buddy Mike's. It had been on a plastic peg which has since broken off in the hole. He wants me to drill the hole back out with my Dremel.