09 September 2015

Click Click Boom and Hell Beasts

I got a few more bases churned out Monday and last evening. I went with some oddball units this time, rather than the rank-and-file that I'd been working on.

First up, some Dwarven big guns

Two cannons and a multi-barrel volley gun. The pack comes with enough parts to make six guns - either cannons or volley guns, but only two crew per gun. They'll get the job done nicely though - they'll be needed when the Dwarves face off against these next things...

Hailing from the ash wastes and the land that time forgot, the 55-foot tall beast from the east - MONGO! And to his side, the six-legged lizard from Hell, yes, that Hell, I give you the ONE THING WRECKING CREW!

This pair will be quite entertaining on the tabletop. My intention is that each is about as powerful as an average unit. 

And last but not least I give you

Locar, Demonic Sorcerer Supreme. The model was floating around in the baggie that the two big guys were in. I wasn't sure what to do with him initially. I may put some cotton clouds under his floating chair. For now, he's just a hovering spell caster.

I came across the gargoyle columns a few weeks ago while rooting through old stuff in the garage. They must be close to 20 years old. They make fine imposing scenery at this scale. It's tough to tell but the gargoyles are copper with verdigris which looks nicer in real life than in these pictures.

Next in the queue are Dark Elf crossbowmen and more Demons!

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  1. So little and so beautiful! Excellent job, love the Dwarven guns!