20 September 2015

RP and Play Testing Round 1

I churned out the 6mm buildings from Game Craft in record time. I'm really happy with how they turned out.

A dry-brusher's dream!The timbers were an exercise in painting yoga (deep breath.... pull.... exhale...) but the end result was worth it.

Junior and I gave my new fantasy rules an initial play test last evening. It was a good testing session - I found a handful of things that need work. That was the point...  Some pictures of the Dark Elves and Demons duking it out...

As our forces near each other, the wizards get up close and personal. I ruled that wizards were off-limits and couldn't be attacked since I needed to test the effects of their spells. Junior's wizard had the Fear spell which was overly effective.

The Flying Demons. I don't think I ever showed them off on this blog when I painted them up a week or so ago.

The bane of my existence in the early going.

The Dark Elf cavalry gets stuck in with the Flying Demons.

Only to be plowed into and run off a bit later by the Plague Demons.

The Juggernaut smashes into my Dark Elf Warriors and it's not pretty.

We wrapped the game there. I'd seen what I needed to. The chief issue was that units weren't resilient enough. We were fighting in a silo, so that didn't help. With more maneuver room and additional terrain to hide behind, it would have been a bit different. Either way, I'm going to change my Morale mechanic. The Fear spell Junior was tossing around was terribly effective and needs to either be toned down or made much tougher to cast. There are also a couple of unit special abilities that need tweaking. In all, a good first session!

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