16 September 2015

Mid Week

I've been negligent in my painting chores this week and have done none. I did however get some buildings in the mail yesterday from Game Craft Miniatures.

A couple of 15mm sci-fi buildings for StarDust: Ground and some 6mm resin for pretty much any of my 6mm games. The paper buildings I've been using are fine but are starting to show some wear. GCM's prices are very good. I slapped the laser-cut MDF buildings together quickly. Some of the joints required a little attention from an emery board - the bits didn't quite fit without a bit of shaving it down a hair. I blasted the interiors with white spray last evening. I'll work on the exteriors today when I get home.

This Sunday is Star Fleet Battles Day! Part two of our Orion treasure hunt - it should be a dilithium-coated blast!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like I might get some 3mm and 6mm buildings soon.