26 September 2015

Recently Completed Spaceships

I finally finished up some Firestorm Armada Xelocian cruisers this week. They're a complex build, to be sure, but very characterful and really pretty cool models once they're done. I replaced the energy beams (the red bits) with painted cocktail straws; the original component is a clear acrylic rod but since one of the blisters was missing flight pegs, I sacrificed the power coupling rods to make additional flight pegs. The models are VERY front-heavy and need a lot of TLC when handled. Regardless, they're cool looking ships with a very clear "do not be in front of us" aesthetic.

Apologies for the bright sunlight, heavy shadow pics. Not my cuppa tea either...

These ships will be a fun addition to my growing Alliance of Kurak fleet - now, on to the Ryushi Battle Carrier and it's escorts!

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