27 February 2016

StarDust Ground - Short AAR

I got that scenario playtest in this evening with Zig. It ended up being rather enjoyable and I think it's pretty well balanced. No full AAR but I've got a short write up and pics.

Our battlefield. The game was a night-fight so vision distances were very short for the humans. The robots, turret and Python walker have Enhanced Optics giving them twice the spotting range!

The robot attackers.

 More robots.
Red Guard human defenders.

The Python pops up on the left flank and starts causing me headaches.

My fast elements descend on the Red Guard but have a terrible time making an impression.

The transport VTOL arrives to evacuate a squad.

Stampy takes a swing at a Heavy Hoverbot but can't land a solid strike.

In the end, two human squads were evacuated and one was wiped out. A victory for the Red Guard!

Another enjoyable game of SDG. The night rules worked well, although I've got to say that troops camping behind cover in the dark are damn near impossible to shift! Without assaulting, I never would have gotten the one squad that I managed. Zig's dice were really hot and I lost a lot of stands early and often to low-odds shooting. Oh the power of rolling 8s! The robot player ends up with a lot of tough choices in this scenario - choosing between trying to kill infantry (for the win) and shooting the turret, VTOL and Python. We briefly considered adding one more squad to the robot side to shift the balance a bit towards their side, but dismissed it due to Z's better than average dice.

See you at Gnomecon! Be well.

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