05 August 2012

Dystopian Wars

Managed to get in a game of DW today with Dennis up at Morningstar. We played a 600-pointer using land and air forces which is unusual for us. I decided to use Junior's Prussians for a change just to see what they're like.
I took:
1 A9V big-ass tank
5 A6V medium tanks
1 Metzger robot
2 little zeppelins
10 fighters

Dennis (COA) took:
6 bombards
3 medium walkers
6 small tanks
9 dive bombers
1 spotter plane

Our forces deployed. We ruled that the woods were "dense" and the swampy area was "soft." The river simply halved movement across it.

I moved the big tank out first and took a pot-shot at a little tank, damaging it. This was to be the only damage I caused for a looooooong time.

His bombards unload on big'un. Another portent of things to come.

One of the zeps does a disappearing act. Now I really hate bombards. They did direct fire at the airships, FWIW.

It was at this time my lungs were aching for booze. And it started raining something fierce.

The bombards and small tanks completely trash the big tank. Yup, that's 7 damage on it. Three on the living small airship. I have only destroyed one small tank token of Dennis'.

The ol' game store was packed this afternoon. Behind us, 40K and Warmachine were going strong.

The Sturmpanzer A9-V goes bye-bye. Just out of frame, in front of the zeppelin in the woods, my fighters had utterly whiffed against a wing of COA dive bombers.

Not to be out-done, The Metzger heads into the woods for cover from damn near everything white and unpainted. He "crashes" on his terrain roll and you can see the results of my 8d6 damage roll. This was by far my "best" dice roll of the afternoon. I shit you not, I critted my own robot walking it into the woods. Still, I've only killed one small tank token.

The fucking robot gets his. He was sitting on 4 damage as it was.

The scene of my second kill of the afternoon.

So... what have I learned? I learned that those particular dice never get to play Dystopian Wars again. Judas Priest that was some epic terrible dice rolling. I had a good ol' time anyway. It was just one of those games - we've all had them. I think all I killed was one small tank token and one bombard. I may have killed a second small tank token. My ten fighters accounted for two dive bombers. Ah well, it sure beat working!

Until next time...

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