01 August 2012


I've had the rules for HOTT for quite some time and have been wanting to give it a go. I finally began putting together a force and am looking at one for Junior as well.

I'm putting together some good Narnians:
3 Giant Eagles (fliers)
3 Wolfhounds (knights beasts or riders)
4 Fauns (spears or blades)
1 King Peter (Hero)

Junior currently has a fascination with Soviet tanks so using the Churchill and Stuart tanks he's painted recently (Lend-Lease Obviously!), here's what I've come up with:
1 Churchill (behemoth)
2 Stuarts (riders)
1 Yak-9 (airboat)
1 Spetznaz (magician)
3 Strelkovy (warbands)
1 Katyusha (artillery)

Both lists were designed from the ground up as inexpensive. I'm looking forward to this little experiment.

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