08 August 2012

So Far This Week

Painted up the rest of my HOTT Narnians. That's three Giant Eagles.

Also got in a game of Risk 2210 with Junior on Monday evening. Kind of ironic after my long-winded post that day which mentioned Risk. I won. Age and treachery will always triumph over youth and luck. He's only 9 and not nearly the evil bastard he needs to be to succeed at Risk.

Worked some more on the never-ending horde of Paratroopers just to try to get them out of the way. No pictures. I'll let you imagine that in the mind's eye theater. Spoiler: I did not finish them.

Began putting together my own skirmish-level rules. I'm just not 100% happy with what I've been using. They will probably be playable by the weekend if I stay focused on them. Hell, they're playable now. I just have a few things that really need to be "engraved in stone" before I really give it a playtest.

Until next time...

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