09 August 2012

New Toys (updated)

Damn I love getting home from work and finding this:
on my desk.

Ships and aircraft ordered weeks apart all showing up at the same time. For the same game. Win!

MiG-21s, Su-17s and UH-60s. 1/600 scale from www.picoarmor.com

4 Nanuchkas, a Spruance, Kidd and Ticonderoga. 1/3000 scale from www.skytrex.com

I'll have a go at them soon enough. Got some more work cranked out on my skirmish rules today. It's really getting together. I may be able to playtest basic mechanics this evening - the kids are going over to a friend's house to watch a movie for a few hours. Woohoo!

Well I did get in a playtest. My trusty human warriors battled against their perennial foe, the undead. The undead won convincingly. As it stands, I'm pretty happy with the rules. Shooting may need to be tweaked up a hair to make it a tiny bit more deadly, but I'm not going to change anything until I play a game with some firepower-heavy forces. Maybe the Soviet infantry versus some US National Guardsmen next - submachineguns and semi automatic rifles should change things up a bit.

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