22 August 2012

Mid Week Update

Poached the ol' Axis and Allies box again. Turn out the boats in it are pretty damn close to 1/3000. Close enough to proxy some subs and transport ships.

Those subs will turn into a Libyan Foxtrot-class and something else. Maybe the Libyans actually had two functioning subs? I'm no rivet-counter... they're close enough.

I was yellow.

Finally got around to ordering HOTT-sized bases earlier this week. Maybe my Narnians will be usable before Summer is gone. I also ordered the rest of what I needed to finish off my MSH Polish Motor Rifle Regiment and a West German Mixed Brigade. I had enough left-over Germans from the Panzer Battalion and Panzergranadiers to where finishing the Mixed Battalion would only set me back about $15.00. Kind of a no-brainer really.

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