10 April 2013

Mid Week Update

Aloha readers, I hope you are having a great week!

I've been working on my spaceship game today. It's a blatant ripoff of Shipwreck but re-tooled for space combat. I've taken out parts and added others. I'm sure it is playable in its current state but I do want to add a few things - shuttles, terrain, sci-fi goodies like tractor beams and teleporters, etc. I may try to give the basic ship combat a try this weekend.

I've been working on scenery mostly since the weekend. I did up 30 more of my backup tape cases as generic sci-fi LOS blockers. I've also done a bit of work on my second 2 x 2 foot terrain board for my 15mm Ganesha games. Some progress has been made on the 15mm Dark Elves but that project has been dragging too.

I completely scrapped my Shipwreck scenario for Gnomecon. I just wasn't happy with things in general and set the whole damn thing aflame. I did resurrect a previous scenario that worked well and made a tweak or two and will use that as scenario #1. I concocted a second scenario involving hunting subs. I've thrown a bit of surface action in as well, but kept the number of units low so things don't get all confusey and weird. Shipwreck games can zip by pretty quickly and I have a four-hour time slot. Just wrapping my head around the idea of gaming without time constraints is bizarre as hell.

All right, time to wrap things up for this post - it's about quittin' time anyway.

Be well!

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