03 April 2013

Infinity - More Finished Models

I finished up the Dasyus and Myrmidon this evening. I am pleased with the results.

The Myrmidon is just a copy of my others, though with a different weapon. The more the merrier, right? I've kind of cast my lot with the Myrms and though their style isn't what I normally would roll with, I'm going to stick with them.  The Dasyus is a sneaky little thing with camouflage and infiltration abilities, not to mention she's got mad hacking skills which can screw with enemy robots and other things. The hex pattern on her thigh inspired the reptilian (see Reptile from Mortal Kombat) paint scheme. I like it a lot - the bright green is just groovy.

Ziggy's Infinity order has been backordered. Apparently he's got his sights on the most in-demand box set they make. The last site he ordered it from was out of stock as well. It sucks that these places don't clue you in until the order has been placed. I suggested getting away from the box set and ordering individual models but he insists. **sigh**

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