24 April 2013


Three cheers for miniaturemarket.com. I ordered some Infinity guys last Thursday, cheap 1st class standard USPS. Shipping was $2.40. They arrived Saturday. In a similar vein, the T-55 I ordered about a season ago is still back ordered.

The Infinity guys I ordered are some "Dakini Tacbots" which are these things:

Although mine will of course be much prettier.

They are cheap schlubs who can be kitted out with medikits which will be terribly handy. Of course, if my history with Infinity is any indication, they're going to look like this:

Zig and I are going to play a game Saturday. We'll see how the idiot bots work out.

Trebian over at Wargaming for Grown-ups (look to the right in my blog list) has been playing AK47 Republic lately and the game looks freaking awesome. I've gotten ahold of the old rules and hope to give it some table time soonish. FOW minis will make fine proxies to test things out.

Y'all have a good one!

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