21 April 2013

Gnomecon 2

Well, I got my sis married off Saturday evening and the party was a blast. By comparison, Gnomecon was positively quiet and peaceful. I took my boats and other goodies for Shipwreck and played a couple of games, the first with James and the second with Ziggy. I'm still kind of groggy and in a one of those "lack of sleep" hazes so I'm not even going to try to write an AAR. I'm just going to post some pictures and comments.

It was early - people just getting things set up. We were surrounded by at least three games of X-Wing all day long.

 Some vendors

The other side of the game hall. Mostly board games going on in here. There was a well-attended Warmachine tournament going on later in the day.

This critter guarded the door.

Ziggy and Dennis. Dennis was playing Pathfinder (D&D clone) pretty much all weekend.

James and I trading shots. I had a salvo of Harpoons heading towards his transports, and James had filled the skies with scads of SSN14s and SSN22s.

I ended up with the short end of the stick. After my final four Harpoons were shot down easily, I ran up the white flag.

 The second games' opponent, Captain Christopher "Z" Crunch

Your truly, the Libyan-In-Chief

One of my subs was detected quickly, but managed to slip past the sentries.

 Possibly a mistake. I fire 4 Otomat SSMs from my frigate at the Italian ship. The filthy swine fire 12 back at me.

Yeah. That sucks. My AA and chaff were surprisingly effective - only three missiles hit my boat. Three missiles invariably send a lightweight frigate to the ocean floor.

Retribution. I get a torpedo hit on the Italian frigate sinking it. One enemy torpedo hits my Foxtrot-class sinking it. Fair trade, sort of.

I got two Migs close to the remaining enemy (USN) ship but both were run off by near-misses from the front 5-inch gun and a sea-wiz. Feh.

My second sub eventually managed to get close but I rolled shabbily and couldn't get a lock on the target ship, whereas the helos put a torpedo into my sub killing it.

Two games, two tragic losses. Both were quite fun and I had a good time. I enjoyed catching up with some folks I haven't sen in a while. I'm looking forward to next year's con when I should hopefully have more time for gaming. Be well!

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