08 November 2015

Newly finished things and newly begun things

So I did manage to finish the Space Marine AFVs. They came out very nicely.

 Whirlwind rocket artillery

Razorback IFVs

I also cranked out the 15mm tanks for my Litumsian civil war / revolution forces.

 AMX13s and Type 69s

Wee French tanks for the Militia Campaign for the New Congress (MCC)

 And some Chinese imports for the Worker's Party Army (President For Life Johnson's loyalists)

The WPA is also getting some air power in the form of:

I need to scratch-build some bombs or rocket pods for this puppy. I know it's the "wrong" model for a ground-strike craft but President Johnson doesn't care! More updates as they occur!


  1. Great looking vehicles, love the rocket artillery!

  2. Love the Rhinos and the 15mm vehicles!I I have the minicraft MiG23 - looks like a fun kit although seeing this one on your blog makes me want to buy the MiG21 as well.