01 November 2015

Painting Of The Week

So, I've been putting some time in on the ol' game rules treadmill the last couple of weeks. I'm very happy with StarDust Ground except that it caps out at roughly 8-10 units per side. More units slows it down and reduces happiness. In the interest of creating a game that flows more quickly, I've been working on some new stuff. To test said rules, I've been hard at work on some more of the Epic minis I got from James back in June. I want to paint up enough to test the system. My intention is for the rules to work with my 15mm sci-fi stuff as well, but since the Marines and Orks have been languishing, this seemed like a good excuse to work on them.

 More Space Wolves!

 Marine Bikers

Devastator heavy-weapons squads
A Company Commander

And more Rhino APCs.

I've also nearly completed a handful of Orks. Who knows, there may actually be enough to play a game with by now!

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