21 September 2017

I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

I ordered some cheap coconut palms on Amazon the other day. I think I done good! For the princely sum of $18 and change, I got 45 trees ranging from 5" to 2.25" tall, measuring the trunks. In all fairness, I did have a $5.00 Amazon credit, but still, $23 would have been very much worth it. So, what are they like? I've got pics.

 Bagged. Nothing fancy at all.

The contents of one bag. Three each of five different sizes.

The ends have spikes. I imagine these will be useless to many of you; the trees will be severely top-heavy and the little peg won't hold well at all. I'll lop mine off and employ hot glue or Gorilla glue.

So, how do they stack up against miniatures? I've got pics of each size tree with a 32mm trooper, a 25mm cowboy (half painted by my son), a 20mm (1/72) German, and a 15mm elf.

The 5 inch tree

 4.25 inch

3.25 inch
2.5 inch

2.25 inch

They'll all be useful - the big ones are way too large for the 15mm figures for sure, but all will be useful with larger scale minis. The tan trunks aren't terribly appealing, but given the price, I'm fine with it. If you're interested, you can find them here. I'm not on their payroll 😁I just thought they were a really good value.


  1. Lopoks like a good deal to me! When I got my lot of Chinese pal;m trees, I dry brushed the fronds with yellow-green, and the (Brown) trunks qwith light grey.

  2. Outstanding. I bought a pack of these as and some other trees as well. You cannot beat the price!