24 September 2017

Ryushi - Firestorm Armada Winds Down

I am disappointed about Firestorm Armada going out of production. The models were/are top-notch. I mentioned a month ago that I'd ordered a starter box of Ryushi ships the day Spartan announced they'd closed up shop. I finished them today.

A carrier, four cruisers and six corvettes. 

A different angle of the smaller ships.

And the carrier.

It's a color scheme to be proud of - a little bit Joker-mobile for sure but I like it. I'll have to let them get out and take a spin using the Firestorm Taskforce rules.


  1. Like the way you painted the white.

    Have you seen that Wayland Games under cover of Warcradle Studios have bought rights and material (molds I guess?) for Firestorm, DW and Uncharted Seas?

    1. Great! I've just started toying around with DWFA and FSTF quick play rules and am very impressed. DWFA is a massive improvement over DW in terms of playability.