10 September 2017

Nothin' Quite Like It

Like an evacuation, that is. Being that my county is under mandatory evacuation, it's been a pretty lazy weekend here at the casa. I got some painting knocked out yesterday and this morning - some more Malifaux minis this time.

They're from the Open Graves box - some punk zombies, necromancer, a grave digger-upper and a fun vulture. The flying stand was my addition. Sorry the pics a bit fuzzy. Maybe I'll do some others when the weather outside improves. It's overcast with sporadic drizzle right now. It should heat up quite a bit tonight.

I took out the ASLSK this afternoon and played some solo Squad Leader.

It was Bersaglieri (the gray counters) vs some very well-trained Greeks. The Italians attacked and were trying to push the Greeks out of the village.

The Italians failed to capitalize on this situation.

But then shifted their attack and were able to pull off an assault to clear this building. Avanti!

After another turn or two, the Greeks were well-contained and would continue to be hammered. Call it an Italian victory.

ASL was a nice way to kill time on a Sunday afternoon. We need to play more often and this was a good rules refresher.


  1. Hope you and your home both come through Irma OK!

  2. Hi, could I ask you what the title of the scenario is and what ASL module it belongs to? Thanks!

    1. It wasn't a published scenario. Because I'm still getting up to speed and familiar with ASL rules, I just pulled a few squads out of the box and onto a map. There was no attempt at balancing things as I was only interested in practicing mechanics.