24 August 2016

Recently Assembled and Painted

I put some 1/72 Pegasus SU-122s over the last few days. I've been in the mood for model kits lately and the 1/72 WWII collection was in need of expansion.

The Pegasus kit gets you two models for around $10.00 - you can't beat that! The kit's instructions are scant and there are no decals. Such is the price of inexpensive models. Many of the tanks' wheels had fallen off the sprue but it didn't complicate things at all.

Ta da! Nothing too crazy, but they look nice and are certainly table-top worthy.

I compared the kit to my Airfix 1/76 T-34 since both vehicles use the same chassis...

The SU-122 is quite a bit beefier, but they'll be fine stablemates on the game table.

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